"The must see blockbuster DVD of the year"
9/11 Omission Commission - New York City    



"The 9/11 Film Michael Moore Should Have Made."
David Icke -

"There are two combustible materials that should never be combined:
science and common sense... 9/11 In Plane Sight is astonishing."
Andrew Bosworth, Ph.D. - Virtual Citizen

"Everyone in America should see this video."
Dick Gregory -

DVD of the Week:  "This compilation shows us all the footage we've seen a million times, it also shows us the footage that mysteriously, or not so mysteriously, never got shown again - all the immediate, "on the site" footage that contradicts the story we've all grown to know and love."
Michael Dare - Disinfotainment Today

"This is a MUST see film, especially for show and tell"
Meria Heller -

  "Absolutely awesome.  This is the one September 11 video that everyone should see."
Lou Epton The Lou Epton Show

"Without understanding what the motive could be, an implausible - if not impossible story - is incapable of comprehension. People need to understand the historical perspective of such events and the motives of other people in high places for this to make a certain sense."
G. Edward Griffin - Author and Founder of Freedom Foundation - Freedom Force International


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